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Let's meet our Little SuperYogis!

Add your colors to the Little SuperYogis adventures! Your whole family can become Little SuperYogis! Sophie, Jacob, Stella and Mama Maala will ignite your creativity with their ideas as well as foster well-being and fun for the whole family with their contagious energy and activities! Come play, create, cooperate through all their interactive explorations colorfully drawn by children and for children.


Stella is 6 years old. She is curious and full of energy. She likes using her body to imitate the objects she sees. This allows her to create new poses and play with them. For Stella : "Creating is my way of being!"


Sophie is 7 years old. She is Stella's sister. She is calm, courageous, strong in her heart and in her body. We often hear her say: "I can do it!"


Jacob is 4 years old. He is a very active boy. Moving helps him feel good inside and out. He is Sophie and Stella's younger brother and all together they are THE SUPERYOGIS! Jacob likes helping his sisters create new poses. He always says : "Moving makes me feel good and healthy!"

Mama Maala

Mama Maala is the mother of Stella, Sophie and Jacob. She is patient and wise. She guides our SUPERYOGIS through their adventures by teaching them to honor people and nature around us because we all share the same planet. She likes to repeat: "Aham Shanti" = "The essence of who I am is Peace!"